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Meeting Space

For larger groups, they normally suggest using our dining room area (photo below)  for meetings.  The dining room is already configured to seat 40 people, but we can bring in extra chairs and tables should you need to accommodate a larger group. We have two rolling 65-inch TV screens you can use for presentations as well & 30 Foot HDMI cables to connect laptops and computers. 

Some groups have requested a different meeting space to the dining room. In this case, we can turn our livingroom in to a conference room with folding tables and chairs. These are not the best photos but you can view some ideas below.

We have 8 folding tables and 40 additional task chairs available. You can use these free of charge, but if setup is required on our side the cost is $500.00 to move/ rearrange furniture. 

Coffee & Other Services

We have the following coffee equiptment below, which you can use.

We also provide coffee, water, tea & services for a $15.00/person/day. Coffee service runs 8am-3pm.

Cups, mugs and all essenitals we take care of!

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