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True Balance Weekend Retreat


Join us for a rejuvenating weekend of wellness and self-discovery in the heart of nature.


Dates: Friday, May 17th-  Sunday, May 19th 

Price: $695/Person


Program Highlights:
Friday Evening:

Welcome Gathering & Lakeside Campfire
Saturday: Morning Training, Meditation Workshop, Dancing, Sunset Yoga, Movie night Sunday: Sunrise Yoga, & Closing Ceremony


Location: 6670 Cedar Cove Rd, Royal Oak, MD 21662 -

A tranquil oasis nestled in nature.

Inclusive Package 2 Nights Accommodation Wholesome Meals and Snacks, Guided Yoga Sessions, and Workshops Outside Activities.



Please note we are not a hotel with a concierge. We set up a retreat center, similar to a really large house. We supply towels, linens, and basic toiletries. 


All reservations are for 1 room with single occupancy and King/Queen Bed.


TrueBalance Yoga Retreat

  • Terms and Conditions for Credit Card Payments - Non-Refundable and Non-Cancelable Reservations

    1. Reservation and Payment: By booking or reserving a reservation with Moofy's Farmhouse/ 6670 Cedar Cove LLC , you agree to these terms and conditions. To secure your reservation, you must provide valid credit card information. Your card will be charged at the time of booking, and the payment is final.

    2. Non-Refundable Policy: All payments for reservations are non-refundable, regardless of the circumstances. Moofy's Farmhouse/ 6670 Cedar Cove LLC will not issue refunds or credits for any reason, including but not limited to cancellation, no-show, or early departure.

    3. Non-Cancelable Policy: Once a reservation is made and the payment is processed, it is non-cancelable. You will not be able to cancel or modify your reservation, and you will not be entitled to a refund or credit.

    4. Reservation Changes: Moofy's Farmhouse/ 6670 Cedar Cove LLC does not allow changes to reservations, including changes to check-in or check-out dates, room types, or the number of guests.

    5. No-Show Policy: If you fail to check in on your scheduled arrival date ("no-show"), your reservation will be canceled, and you will not receive a refund or credit.

    6. Early Departure Policy: If you check out before your scheduled departure date, you will not receive a refund or credit for the unused portion of your reservation.

    7. Force Majeure: Moofy's Farmhouse/ 6670 Cedar Cove LLC is not responsible for events beyond its control, such as acts of nature, government regulations, or unforeseen circumstances, that may affect your reservation. No refunds or credits will be issued in such cases.

    8. Travel Insurance: We strongly recommend that you consider purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself against unexpected events that may disrupt your travel plans.

    9. Privacy and Security: We take your privacy and the security of your credit card information seriously. Your data will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

    10. Contact Information: If you have any questions or need to contact us regarding your reservation, please use the contact information provided on our website.

    By booking a reservation with Moofy's Farmhouse/ 6670 Cedar Cove LLC , you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions, including the non-refundable and non-cancelable policies.

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